Was the PWG Bake-Off a Success or Failure?

Was the PWG Bake-Off a Success or Failure?

Was the PWG Bake-Off a Success or Failure?

Bill Wagner bwagner at digprod.com
Mon Aug 5 17:02:43 EDT 1996

     Although the RFC discusses off-line (offline in different places... 
     are we going to make that consistent?), it does not offer a concise 
     definition. My recollection is that this was one of those things that 
     "everyone knows what it means" (although there are several distinctly 
     different meanings). Thus, there seemed to be no possibility of coming 
     to consensus. 
     Indeed, off-line may mean that data cannot be accepted by the printer, 
     or that the (selected) interpreter will not accept any more, although 
     the input buffers will still fill up. It may signify a state requiring 
     human action to put the unit on-line, although the printer may have 
     gone off-line either by operator action or by some critical failure. I 
     have even heard a definition that requires that the printer cease all 
     mechanical motion when it id off-line. However, I have not previously 
     heard of a printer going off line when it is (what I would call) busy, 
     which appears to be the Lexmark implementation. 
     It seems to me that this was one of those "left to the discretion of 
     the manufacturer" items.
     Bill Wagner, DPI

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Subject: Re: Was the PWG Bake-Off a Success or Failure?
Author:  "Gail Songer" <Gail.Songer at eng.efi.com> at Internet
Date:    8/5/96 1:20 PM


>      - Lexmark came closest to portraying the proper results; their
>        value for the hrPrinterDetectedErrorState clearly indicates
>       "doorOpen", but for some reason the printer also declared
>       itself as being "offline" at the same time (was this a fluke,
>       or does the printer always go "offline" in this scenario?).

Whenever a Lexmark printer can not print for some reason, it is considered
"offline".  The parallel and serial ports(assuming NPAP is not being used) will
not accept data, and I believe that the network cards do not accept data.

Is there a definition of "offline" in the mib?


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