Was the PWG Bake-Off a Success or Failure?

Was the PWG Bake-Off a Success or Failure?

Was the PWG Bake-Off a Success or Failure?

Gail Songer Gail.Songer at eng.efi.com
Mon Aug 5 17:22:52 EDT 1996


What do you mean by "busy"?

We only meant that the printer could not process data any longer which appears
to be in step with your definition.

Oppps,  I see where you might have misunderstood me.  By "not print for some
reason" I meant that there was an error on the printer or the front is
displaying a message that must be acknowledged by an operator(or application)
before printing can resume.


On Aug 5,  5:02pm, Bill Wagner wrote:
> Subject: Re[2]: Was the PWG Bake-Off a Success or Failure?
>      Gail,
>      Although the RFC discusses off-line (offline in different places...
>      are we going to make that consistent?), it does not offer a concise
>      definition. My recollection is that this was one of those things that
>      "everyone knows what it means" (although there are several distinctly
>      different meanings). Thus, there seemed to be no possibility of coming
>      to consensus.
>      Indeed, off-line may mean that data cannot be accepted by the printer,
>      or that the (selected) interpreter will not accept any more, although
>      the input buffers will still fill up. It may signify a state requiring
>      human action to put the unit on-line, although the printer may have
>      gone off-line either by operator action or by some critical failure. I
>      have even heard a definition that requires that the printer cease all
>      mechanical motion when it id off-line. However, I have not previously
>      heard of a printer going off line when it is (what I would call) busy,
>      which appears to be the Lexmark implementation.
>      It seems to me that this was one of those "left to the discretion of
>      the manufacturer" items.
>      Bill Wagner, DPI

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