Was the PWG Bake-Off a Success or Failure?

Was the PWG Bake-Off a Success or Failure?

Was the PWG Bake-Off a Success or Failure?

JK Martin jkm at underscore.com
Tue Aug 6 12:02:00 EDT 1996


> Unfortunately, I missed getting a copy of the summary sheet that Genoa
> apparently passed out at the last meeting.  But I did hear the
> representative say that he would be issuing a report on the detailed
> findings of his test.  Like Jay, I am very anxious to receive this
> report.  I'm also curious if such a report would agree with some of
> Jay's observations or not.  What do the other vendors think?  Although
> Jay might not have been present to hear them, the few statements that I
> heard from Genoa gave me the impression that there was a big variance on
> the interpretation and method of reporting three specific HR MIB
> objects.  Perhaps these items are not very critical, but IMHO, this
> doesn't yet sound like a successful interoperability event worthy of
> demonstrating to the world.

I just got off the phone with Wayne Tang of Genoa, one of the persons
that conducted the Printer MIB testing at the bake-off.

He has assured me that I will be receiving a copy of the complete
results by the end of today.  Moreover, the other Genoa person at
the bake-off (I forget his name) is supposed to be writing up a
short paragraph summarizing their findings.

Be assured that I will forward the message to the PWG list just as
soon as I get it.  (I even promise not to "doctor" the results! ;-)


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