Was the PWG Bake-Off a Success or Failure?

Was the PWG Bake-Off a Success or Failure?

Was the PWG Bake-Off a Success or Failure?

Binnur Al-Kazily binnur at hpb15650.boi.hp.com
Tue Aug 6 12:24:00 EDT 1996


There was a short discussion at the PWG regarding to Genoa's findings.. I   
might be quick at jumping a conclusion, but when I am dealing with bunch   
of bits that are being interpreted differently by engineers, it usually   
means I need to sit down and document those bits.. This gets a little   
more complicated when you are dealing with bunch of vendors, but the   
process doesn't really change..

I would image the discussions of the interoperability as well as the   
bake-off would be a part of the agenda for the next meeting.. However, in   
the mean time the mailing list is a great place to discuss these issues,   
and that is why I posted my original message asking for feed back, and   
you have started a thread on the Printer MIB interoperability issues..

>I certainly would like to share in your optimism, but frankly, the
>complete lack of discussion of the results of the bake-off (until I
>posted my review) has Underscore very concerned about the resolution
>of these problems.

I understand and share your concern.. However, please remember that is   
not unusual for PWG mailing list, and we have brought this up during the   
meetings many times; i.e. we need to do more discussions through the   
mailing list..

>Last--but certainly not least--we were most disappointed at the fact
>that the HP LaserJet 5SI was not tested at all at the bake-off.

I am not sure about this comment.. HP LJ 5Si was tested at the bake-off,   
it was the first printer that went through the Genoa tests.. The results   
showed that we possibly had a few issues with the MIB-II objects (our   
implementation was read-only for few objects), but the Printer MIB   
portion of the tests passed without any problems.. But, we were not part   
of the comparison of hrDeviceStatus, hrPrinterStatus and   
hrPrinterDetectedErrorState bits.

>And yes, we DEFINITELY need another bake-off!
We probably should get the terminology straight.. To me bake-off is where   
you bring all your stuff (hw/sw) and display what you have.. I think what   
you really want is an interoperability testing.. I would support you on   
this, but also indicate before doing the interoperability testing PWG   
should take note on what is really important to show interoperability,   
and especially concentrate on those areas. Portland bake-off showed   
device status as a critical area, any others that could be an issue for a   
management station?

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