Anonymous Mail Messages

Anonymous Mail Messages

Anonymous Mail Messages

Jeff Schnitzer jds at
Wed Aug 14 09:24:49 EDT 1996

rbergma at wrote:
> I have observed many messages from the PWG reflector without an
> author's name.  While most of the messages have been informative,
> it is usually nice to know the source of the message.
> Since the new PWG server does not include the source of the original
> message (the HP server would sometimes include this informtion), I
> would like to recommend that everyone include a *signature* at the
> end of every message.  (Then we will know who to thank or, in some
> cases, where to aim the laser.)


I do not believe the new PWG server strips the "From:" line from
the mail header.  Is it possible your mail agent or gateway is
munging the mail?  

Signatures in mail are a good idea in any case.  Many mail systems
mangle return addresses.  For example, a simple "reply" to the      
"From:" address in the message quoted above would probably not make
it through the dpc gateway machine.

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