Items for Printer MIB Meeting

Items for Printer MIB Meeting

Items for Printer MIB Meeting

Lloyd Young lpyoung at
Fri Aug 16 16:58:31 EDT 1996

Following are the Printer MIB open issues and other discussion items for the
August meeting that I am currently aware of. I generated this list for some 
things that Binnur had and the mailing list discussion. I think some of the 
Printer MIB open issues can be closed quickly. Some of the other items may 
generate more discussion. If you know of other items that need to be added 
to the list, please let me know. I think we are going to be limited to a 
half day for the Printer MIB therefore some of the discussion may have to 
be curtailed in the meeting and moved to electronic mail.

MIB Issues

1. Channels Group - Open: propose a channel description object. Jay K. M.,
Dave K.

2. Interfaces group reference in the Printer MIB - Open: The following   
documents are under the active review and/or modification by the   
interfaces MIB WG:

       and an internet draft that outlines changes to RFC 1573:

       There is also another document the group is considering for 
       inclusion that involves interface testing:

3. Updating conformance statements for the optional groups - Open: PWG will   
review the optional groups that should be restated as "Conditionally   

4. General group - Open: propose a serial number, and an administratively   
assigned printer name objects. Harry L., Jay K. M.

5. Clarification of the prtGeneralCurrentLocalization description - Open:   
The sentence "Note that this object does not apply to localized strings   
in the prtConsole group or any object that is not identified as above"   
should be clarified. Suggestion was made to put a specific statement in   
the description for each object to which current   
prtGeneralCurrentLocalization applies. With this, the   
prtGeneralCurrentLocalization description would state that "for every   
object to which prtGeneralCurrentLocalization applies, there is a   
specific statement to that effect in the object description." Bill W.

6. The range for the prtColorantValue should be increased to 255 - Open:   
Current range SIZE(0..63) may not be big enough to hold a color using a   
worst case of the ISO 9070 naming conventions. Don W.

7. Clarification of the prtInputMediaFormParts - Open: the description is   
confusing. Can we clarify the purpose of this object?

8. The use of the prtInputManualFeedTimeout values - Open: The value of '-1'   
implies "this input sub-unit doesn't support manual feed".. when in fact   
the unit might support manual feed, but never want to time-out, which 
would be infinite. It appears as though infinite and "doesn't support" 
are two distinct different things, and should not be lumped together 
as '-1'. A value of '-2' supports the notion that "doesn't support 
manual feed" better than does '-1' (or infinite).

9. Clarifications to Printer MIB - Open. These items were originally
raised by Tom Hastings and then refined by Binnur.

Discussion items:

1. Bake-Off results
   - Resolution of implementation differences?
   - Another event required?

2. IETF re-charter status

3. Tom Hastings as the Printer MIB FAQ and issues editor

4. Implementation experience reports from each vendor
(Get sample implementation from Deirdre)

5. Status of updated Printer MIB

Again if you know of any items that need to be added to the list, please let me
know. Also if any of the MIB issues that I show as being open have already been
closed, please let me know that as well.


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