Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda

Don Wright don at
Mon Aug 19 12:24:09 EDT 1996

The complete meeting agenda for next week's meetings is
still being pulled together but let me share with you what
I have so far:

Thursday, August 30

 8:30  Introductions
   Misc Administrativia
   Next Meeting
   1997 Meetings
  9:30  Discussion on potential new projects
   - Job Submission Protocol
   - Standard Printer adapter interface
    * Hardware - electrical, mechanical
    * Software
 Noon  Lunch

 1:00  Sense  - JKM will manage

Friday, August 31

PMP 8:30  (From Lloyd Youngs note of 8/16)
   Interface Group
   Add/Clarifications of objects
   Bake-off Review
   IETF Re-charter
   Implementation experiences
   (Lloyd will prioritize and manage
      the order of these discussions.)

 Noon  Lunch

 1:00  JMP - Ron B will manage

Hope this helps you plan your travel.


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