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Min Access

Min Access

Ira Mcdonald x10962 imcdonal at eso.mc.xerox.com
Fri Aug 23 09:13:01 EDT 1996

Hi Harry,

In the new SNMPv2 specs (RFC 19xx series), the MIN-ACCESS subclause
in an OBJECT clause of a MODULE-COMPLIANCE macro is required, if you
wish to permit a lower access level than that specified in the
MAX-ACCESS clause of the original OBJECT-TYPE macro (ie, without
the later MIN-ACCESS clause in the compliance info, the EXACT level
specified in the MAX-ACCESS clause is mandatory for compliance with
the given MIB).  See RFC 1902 (SNMPv2 SMIv2) for details.

- Ira McDonald (outside consultant at Xerox)
  High North Inc
  imcdonal at eso.mc.xerox.com

PS - General recent practice in new IETF MIBs is to set MAX-ACCESS
relatively high (eg, 
'read-create', if you have a 'RowStatus' type object in your table)
and set MIN-ACCESS to 'read-only' (with suitable explanation at the
enclosing OBJECT clause of the MODULE-COMPLIANCE macro).
This permits both active-mgmt and report-only implementations.

PPS - The use of 'DEFVAL' clauses in OBJECT-TYPE macros is also
now best practice in recent IETF MIBs - we have found them very
useful at Xerox.

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