Parties and SNMP v2c

Parties and SNMP v2c

Parties and SNMP v2c

Patrick Conway Donohue patrick at
Fri Aug 23 18:39:22 EDT 1996

Last time I wrote to the Printer Working Group I started a mail
storm that knocked out most peoples mailboxes, and apparently a Sprint router 
in Kansas. . .so I've been laying low.

I do have a fairly simple question though (one which I hope doesn't
get bounced around thousands of times again), and I thought I could
get a quick answer here.

In SNMP version 2c, is there still the concept of parties, or have we
come back around to using communities again (or are they the same thing?)

More generally I guess, what is different about version 2c from previous
versions?  Are the pertinent RFCs RFC 1900-1910, or is there somehwere
else I should look?

Thanks in advance,


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