Parties and SNMP v2c

Parties and SNMP v2c

Parties and SNMP v2c

Ira Mcdonald x10962 imcdonal at
Sat Aug 24 11:31:58 EDT 1996

Hi Patrick,

SNMPv2c is simply SNMPv2 protocol encoding with old SNMPv1-style community
strings (that's what the 'c' is for).

Sad to say, Parties (and thus a standard simple way to register for specific
SNMP Traps) are no more - RFC 1920 (Internet Official Protocol Standards,
March 1996), in section 6.9 'Historic Protocols', lists the SNMPv2 Party-MIB
(RFC 1447), SNMPv2 Manager-To-Manager-MIB (RFC 1451), Security Protocols
for SNMPv2 (RFC 1446), and Admin Model for SNMPv2 (RFC 1445).  It begins
the list by saying:

        "All Historic protocols have Not Recommended status."

Yes, the current SNMPv2 official standards are RFC 1902 thru RFC 1908.
Note:  RFC 1909 (Admin Infra for SNMPv2) and RFC 1910 (User-based Security
Model for SNMPv2) are simply 'Experimental' protocols - they are NOT on
the Internet Standards Track - neither are the SNMPv2* series of I-Ds.
There is no near-term hope for standards-based security in the SNMPv2
protocol suite.

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>Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 15:39:22 PDT
>From: Patrick Conway Donohue <patrick at>
>Subject: Parties and SNMP v2c
>To: pwg at
>Last time I wrote to the Printer Working Group I started a mail
>storm that knocked out most peoples mailboxes, and apparently a Sprint router 
>in Kansas. . .so I've been laying low.
>I do have a fairly simple question though (one which I hope doesn't
>get bounced around thousands of times again), and I thought I could
>get a quick answer here.
>In SNMP version 2c, is there still the concept of parties, or have we
>come back around to using communities again (or are they the same thing?)
>More generally I guess, what is different about version 2c from previous
>versions?  Are the pertinent RFCs RFC 1900-1910, or is there somehwere
>else I should look?
>Thanks in advance,
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