Clarifications to Printer MIB

Clarifications to Printer MIB

Clarifications to Printer MIB

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Mon Aug 26 12:36:33 EDT 1996

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> Subject:  Clarifications to Printer MIB
> 3.
> I think we should add the following statement to the Printer MIB
> to make it clear what an interlock is intended to be.  I suggest adding
> the following sentence to the end of the first paragraph under
> The Cover Table (page 30, RFC 1759):
>   *********************************************************************
>    An interlock is a mechanism that stops the printer from operating
>    when the interlock is in the interlockOpen or interlockClosed
>    state, depending on implementation.
> ?  Is this clarification required? If yes, is there a better definition?
> ?  Do we need interlocks in the Cover Group?
>   *********************************************************************

What if there is an interlock mechanism that is not part of a cover (e.g., 
we have an interlock between our printer and the multi-bin output device)? 
When that interlock is open, how should it be reported? Do "coverOpen" and 
"coverClosed" mean that the printer will still operate while interlockOpen 
and interlockClosed mean that the printer cannot operate?

I think that by looking at CoverStatus, one should be able to determine 
whether or not there is a problem. If we allow coverOpen, coverClosed, 
interlockOpen and interlockClosed to represent normal and error states, it 
makes it difficult to tell the user what to do. It looks like the only way 
to know what cover or interlock needs to be opened/closed is to check the 
alert table.

> 7.
> Add the following definitions to
>   *********************************************************************
> | Available means that the printer or sub-unit can accept print jobs.
> | Idle means that the printer or sub-unit is not working on any print
>   jobs.
> | Active means that the printer or sub-unit is working on at least
>   one print job.
> | Busy means that the printer or sub-unit is not able to accept print
> | jobs for some period of time.
> ? Discussion about the difference between Available and Busy needs to
> ? be resolved.
>   *********************************************************************

We must be careful and be clear as to whether we are referring to the 
printer or a sub-unit. The printer's sub-units might be in the busy state, 
but the printer as a whole can still accept print jobs.

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