More good suggestions for document mgmt from the IEEE 1284 folks

More good suggestions for document mgmt from the IEEE 1284 folks

More good suggestions for document mgmt from the IEEE 1284 folks

JK Martin jkm at
Fri Sep 13 19:41:00 EDT 1996

We currently maintain a similar "README" file for the SENSE documentation
on the PWG ftp server, as described in the attached message.

I really hope the PWG moves to adopt a similar document numbering
strategy in the very near future...before our document collection
becomes a veritable trash can that no one wants to browse.  (When
was the last time you tried to find a document in our existing
document repository?  Not a pretty sight at all.)


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Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 19:24:12 -0400
From: "Brian D. Batchelder" <brianb at>
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Subject: Re: New Meeting Policy
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At 11:38 AM 8/30/96 -0400, Larry wrote:

..stuff deleted...

>In order to maintain a trail for all presentations and material reviewed at
>a meeting, we will institute a naming convention and log for all papers.
>The naming convention will be:
>        xxyyiiiz.pdf
>where:  xx  = year
>        yy  = month submitted
>        iii = initials of preparer
>        z   = number of submission
>Example: 9608LAS1.pdf would be the name for a proposal submitted by Larry A.
>Stein in August 1996, first proposal.
>Adobe acrobat PDF is the prefered format for all papers loaded onto the ftp
>server.  PostScript (.PS) is OK.  Text files (txt) are OK in a pinch.  This
>can be translated to PDF.  
>Please send an email to the chair noting any submissions of papers.

It would be nice if someone could maintain a list on the FTP server
correlating file name to paper content.  Sort of a "readme" file.  The list
Walt sent out via e-mail shows what I mean:

Filename        Description of Paper
--------        --------------------
9606WJS1.pdf	P1284.4 Datalink and Address Server Proposal	Raw postscript file of slide Joe and I presented at 
                the July meeting.  Could not get this into PDF.
ieee0796.pcl    PCL version of

9608WJS1.pdf	P1284.4 Process Proposal

9608WJS2.pdf    P1284.4 Proposal Evalution Criteria Proposal

9608WJS3.pdf	P1284.4 Process Proposal and criteria presentation

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