Review of the September draft of the Printer MIB

Review of the September draft of the Printer MIB

Review of the September draft of the Printer MIB

rbergma at rbergma at
Mon Sep 16 12:27:07 EDT 1996


Good job so far on the Printer MIB update!  I don't know if everyone
in the group knows how much work is required to edit a document like 
this!  How do you find the time?

However, the following items still need to be corrected in the 
August draft of the Printer MIB.  Since I was unable to attend the 
meeting in San Diego, I am not sure if any of these issues were 
discussed at that time.  (I did not see any mention in the minutes.)

(The page numbers are relative to the draft document.)

page #14:  There are now two definitions of Busy.  The minutes 
           indicate there was some discussion regarding Busy but
           what were the results?

page #19:  The title of should be "Alert Table"  (no "s")
           The second sentence of should read "This section
           provides an overview..."  (not "...and overview...")

page #21:  The title of should be "Traversing the Alert
           Table".  Also, the text for this paragraph is missing.

page #33,34:  Add the following descriptions for PrtChannelTypeTC.

   chLPDServer(8),             --TCP port 515, RFC 1179
   chFTP(13),                  --RFC 959
   chTFTP(14),                 --RFC 1350
   chIBM3270(16),              --IBM Coax Data Stream
   chIBM5250(17),              --IBM Twinax Data Stream
   chDECLAT(32),               --Local Area Transport Protocol
                               --Digital Equipment Corp.

  Also, the following enums were to be removed since they do not 
  fit (even our kitchen sink) definition of a channel type.  The
  original sponsor can appeal this decision if necessary.  (This
  was the conclusion in the Montreal meeting.)


  And for chTransport1(20), the description "This RFC should also be
  referenced for other channel enumerations utilizing TCP port numbers
  0 through 1024."  sounds more like a reminder to the editor to add
  some new text.  This note does not appear to be applicable to most 
  of the ports in this range.  It would be best if the note were added
  only to those ports that required this additional information.  
  Otherwise, it will be very difficult to use the RFC as a reference 
  document.  (I do not see any other enums that require this note!)

page #47:  The following two entries were to be removed, since they 
           were not a part of RFC 1759.


page #76:  The description for prtMarkerIndex should read...

     "A unique value used by the printer to identify this marking 
     subunit. ..."

page #90:  The third paragraph under "The Channel Group" should read:

     "Channel Table describes the installed capabilities of the 
     printer. ..."

page #104:  There is a blank line in the description for the object

page #105:  The end of the description of prtConsoleDisplayBufferIndex
            should read:

     "...values are normally expected to remain stable across 
     successive power cycles."

page #106:  Same as above for prtConsoleLightIndex

	Ron Bergman
	Dataproducts Corp
	rbergma at

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