HP's review of 8/96 MIB

HP's review of 8/96 MIB

HP's review of 8/96 MIB

Bob Pentecost bpenteco at boi.hp.com
Fri Oct 4 11:21:15 EDT 1996

To: Printer Working Group
From: Bob Pentecost
2 October 1996
First, I apologize for not getting this out sooner.
The following items were taken from a list created by Binnur Al-Kazily when 
HP reviewed the MIB in May '96. At that time I believe she posted the list 
to the mail reflector. Regardless of the past, I took her list and compared 
it to the MIB that was made available at the August meeting and found that 
will many items had been fixed, the listed discrepancies still exist.
The list is broken into two groups, since the second group needs no meeting 
time. The page numbers are from a printed version that did not show the 
changes (last page is 105).

Items requiring discussion:
PWG resolution follows each item in this section (see PMP minutes for 
official results).
1., third paragraph: After "... it removes the corresponding 
leading edge event." add "Removing the leading edge entry may cause the 
unary change event alertRemovalOfBinaryChangeEntry to be added to the ta  

Agreed as stated.
2. Appendix A: Add definitions for: spot color, process color, impressions. 

Tom Hastings will propose definitions on the mail reflector.>
3. Appendix E: Update authors & addresses; add Binnur Al-Kazily as an 
4. Appendix A: Collation description should read "...placing the pages from 
separate copies into separate ordered sets, ready for binding." By 
including "separate output bins" the definition is unnecessarily 
5. Item deleted (already fixed).
6. prtInputMediaType: The object "prtInputMediaColor" indicates that the 
implementor is free to add additional string values as long as they follow 
a certain naming convention. This object makes no such mention. Does this 
imply that the implementor may NOT add additional strings?

Add (from prtInputMediaColor) "Implementors may add additional string 
values. The naming conventions in ISO 9070 are recommended in order to 
avoid potential name clashes." to end of prtInputMediaType description.
7. prtOutputPageCollated: Description should be continued with "Collation 
is the process by which multiple copy output places the pages from separate 
copies into separate ordered sets, ready for binding".
8. prtOutputOffsetStacking: Description should be continued with "Offset 
stacking is the process by which output pages are physically displaced in 
order to separate them"
9. prtMediaPathMaxSpeed: If using "impressions per hour" unit of measure, 
there is no indication of the size of paper that will deliver that 
performance. This number is meaningful only for a specific (but 
unspecified) size of paper.

There isn't an easy way to fix this problem. The group expects the speed 
reported by a printer to be the same as the speed reported for advertising 
purposes (i.e. speeds for Letter and A4).
10. prtInterpreterLangFamily: Remove the sentence "This type 2 list of 
enumerations requires review before additional entries are made."

Remove the sentence.

Items that are typos or missed TC problems:
1.  Table of contents: Update entries and page numbers.
2.  Pg. 6 - 2nd paragraph "... alert information about printer can be 
thought of..." "printer" should be "the printer".
3.  Pg. 8 - General Printer section: line 4: "In addition to the 
providing..", remove "the" from the sentence.
4.  Pg. 9 - "explicitely" is misspelled; should be "explicitly.
5.  Pg. 9 - "... Input Group which represents that media that..." should be 
"...Input Group which represents the media that...".
6.  Pg. 12 - Section 2.2.12: sentence "...current message on the operators 
console of the..." - "operators" should be "operator's".
7.  Pg. 15 - In hrPrinterStatus, the numbers used for "idle", "printing", 
"warmup", and "unknown" in the syntax section don't match the numbers in 
the description section.
8.  Pg. 17 - change "signal ed" to "signaled".
9.  Pg. 18 - Line 3: "It they were never..." should be "If they were 
10.  Pg. 18 - Section missing. It should include information from 
prtAlertGroupIndex description, i.e. the MIB is indexed with hrDeviceIndex 
& another index optionally which could be the value '-1' if not present.
11.  Pg. 19 - Put quote marks around "external means" in "here external 
means include using the operator...".
12.  Pg. 19 - "the printer believes that information..." change "that" to 
13.  PrtSupplementaryPageContentTC is never used elsewhere in the document.
14.  Add "enumeration type" comment to: SubUnitStatusTC, PrtCoverStatusTC 
(change the indentation to match other object descriptions), PrtInputTypeTC 
(change the indentation to match other object descriptions), 
15.  Change "ChBidirPortTCP" to "chBidirPortTCP".
16.  Pg. 36 - Change "manufacture's" to "manufacturer's".
17.  Pg. 36 - "A typical examples of alerts..." remove "s" from "examples".
18.  Pg. 37 - "...types are for for situations..." remove one of the "for".
19.  Pg. 38 - in "noHumanInterventionRequired", remove "Human" to match the 
enum on page 38.
20.  Pg. 94 - "in a non-idempotent way, the this data..." delete "the".
21.  Pg. 95 - In the definition of "Object", ".. usage)." appears at the 
end of the definition, and it doesn't seem to belong there.
22.  Pg. 97 - Delete the hyphen from "prtInputDeclared-MediaDimFeedDir".
23.  Pg. 101 - Printer job state should read "... within a printer". It 
doesn't make any sense as written.
24.  prtLocalizationLanguage: ISO 639 uses lower case letters, these 
examples should, too.
25.  prtGeneralServicePerson description: "staring" should be "starting".
26.  prtInputMediaDimFeedDirChosen: MediaUnit" should be prtInputDimUnit.
27.  prtInputMediaDimXFeedDirChosen: "MediaUnit" should be prtInputDimUnit.
28.  prtInputSerialNumber: The range for prtOutputSerialNumber is given as 
0..63, but prtInputSerialNumber is defined as having a range of 0..32. 
Seems strange that there should be a difference between input and output 
29.  prtInputMediaType: "mailing purposes" text should be tabbed/spaced 
over to line up with the rest of the definitions.
30.  prtOutputMaxDimFeedDir, prtOutputMaxDimXFeedDir, 
prtOutputMinDimFeedDir, prtOutputMinDimXFeedDir: "DimUnit" should be 
31.  prtOutputStackingOrder: 'FirstToLast' should be changed to 
'firstToLast' and 'LasttoFirst' should be changed to 'lastToFirst'.
32.  prtMarkerIndex: Change "...this marking SubUnitStatus" to "...this 
marking sub-unit".
33.  prtMediaPathMaxSpeedPrintUnit: Indent SYNTAX, MAX-ACCESS and STATUS 
34.  prtMediaPathMaxSpeed: The sentence should be reworded so that 
"prtMediaPathMaxSpeedUnit's" doesn't need to be pluralize an official 
"MIB-type" word.
35.  prtMediaPathMaxSpeed: "prtMediaPathMaxSpeedUnit" should be 
36.  Pg. 74 - In "Local-, Ether-or" add a space before "or".
37.  Pg. 74 - References to "ChannelType" (2 occurrences) should be 
38.  PrtChannelEntry: prtChannelType type should be PrtChannelTypeTC and 
prtChannelState type should be PrtChannelStateTC.
39.  PrtInterpreterEntry: prtInterpreterDefaultOrientation type should be 
PrtInterpreterDefaultOrientationTC and prtInterpreterTwoWay type should be 
40.  prtInterpreterFeedAddressability: "10000 prtMarkerAddressabilityUnit s 
(see..." should be reworded so that " prtMarkerAddressabilityUnit " doesn't 
need to be plural.
41.  prtInterpreterXFeedAddressability: "10000 prtMarkerAddressabilityUnit 
s (see..." should be reworded so that " prtMarkerAddressabilityUnit " 
doesn't need to be plural.
42.  PrtConsoleLightEntry: prtConsoleColor type should be 
43.  PrtAlertEntry: prtAlertSeverityLevel type should be 
PrtAlertSeverityLevelTC; prtAlertTrainingLevel type should be 
PrtAlertTrainingLevelTC; prtAlertGroup type should be PrtAlertGroupTC; 
prtAlertCode type should be PrtAlertCodeTC.

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