Internet Printing on the agenda

Internet Printing on the agenda

Internet Printing on the agenda

Harry Lewis harryl at
Thu Oct 24 19:06:22 EDT 1996

Scott wrote -

>As far as possible agenda items for New Orleans related to Internet
>- Propose a new PWG project for Internet Printing
>- Discuss a charter for the working group
>- Review of LDPA proposal

I would like time on the agenda to review a couple other proposals
as well.

>Now that I list it all out, this sounds like too much for November, but I hope
>that we can squeeze in some time.  What's the agenda look like Don?

I agree this is a lot of work and we have to get it started. I
tried to solicit a 3 day PWG (extended into Saturday) just after the
NYC meeting and got only chuckles.

Now, I propose we plan to "eat-in" and work late Thursday to stretch
the agenda.

This is not a minor topic! I think we should start with high level
reviews of the goals as well as any proposals. Especially in light of
the press release, I think we should start ASAP.

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

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