Harry Lewis harryl at
Thu Oct 24 17:37:46 EDT 1996

I posted asfinmif.txt in the prtmif subdirectory some time ago. Never got
any feedback. Since, I've had several false starts at converting this MIF
to a MIB. Just bandwidth.

Question now is (very poor timing, I admit), are we willing to wait for
a MIF to MIB exercise and is this really what we want... OR... should we
say we broke the Printer MIB when we extracted finishing and we should
very simply put (by popular vote) the most popular finishing tasks
back into the Output Features Group. Suggestions would be adding

prtOutputStitching (PresentOnOff, r/w)
prtOutput3HolePunch (PresentOnOff, r/w)

The advantage would be a very pragmatic solution to low-end, mid-range
finishing configuration.

The disadvantages are:
  1. Adding new objects late in the game
  2. Ending up with a limited approach which doesn't address all
     the *ways* you can stitch, punch etc. like a finishing mib would.

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

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