Deprecate chPort9100 channel type?

Deprecate chPort9100 channel type?

Deprecate chPort9100 channel type?

Bob Pentecost bpenteco at
Mon Oct 28 18:25:47 EST 1996

Even though we are a current user of channel type 'chPort9100', it is 
reasonable to deprecate that value in light of the proposed 
prtChannelInformation MIB object being able to provide the necessary 

Bob Pentecost

From:  Lloyd Young[SMTP:lpyoung at]
Sent:  Thursday, October 24, 1996 7:29 AM
Subject:  Deprecate chPort9100 channel type?

Thanks for picking this up. I am on the road all this week and
have had little time to spend on other work items. I have some
time this morning so you should see a flurry of notes from me.

Based on Bob's note and Jay's response that the chPort9100 channel
type can continue to be used on current products but not in future
implementations, I do not see any problem in deprecating this channel

Any objections?

Lloyd Young

To: @ ("'PWG'") @ SMTP
cc:  (bcc: Lloyd Young)
From: @ (Bob Pentecost) @ SMTP
Date: 10/23/96 01:14:38 PM
Subject: Deprecate chPort9100 channel type?

The 10/18 teleconference minutes included:

Action Items

  1.  Lloyd Young will post a "Request for Objections" message to the PWG
      list asking whether anyone would object to the deprecation of the
      chPort9100 channel type in the new Printer MIB draft.

I haven't seen Lloyd's "Request for Objections" message, but I'll go ahead
and answer.

HP LaserJet printers with an HP JetDirect card will report chPort9100 for
one of the prtChannelType objects.

It can be deprecated but my understanding of deprecated objects just means
"Please don't use in the future." HP will continue to use that value until
we have a new implementation.

Bob Pentecost

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