Salutation presentation

Salutation presentation

Salutation presentation

Harry Lewis harryl at
Tue Nov 5 17:52:03 EST 1996

Tom asked

>Who is presenting for Salutation?  There are no files posted in:
>It would help if the presenter would post something.

Harry Lewis will be presenting for the Salutation consortium.

I hadn't posted the material because it is a Freelance file. I got some
help converting this to PS (for some reason, in Win95, my Apple driver
doesn't give me the "print to file" option from Freelance) and I did
post it. I goofed, and it landed directly in \netprint rather than
in \netprint\salutation where I wanted it. I've asked Jeff in
Underscore to move it for me (also having FTP problems) so you may
look for it either place.

Sorry for the delay.

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

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