JMP Agenda

JMP Agenda

JMP Agenda

Harry Lewis harryl at
Tue Nov 5 17:05:21 EST 1996

Tom Hastings wrote:

>In talking with Ron, the major topics for the JMP section of the meeting
>will be:
>1. Review of the specifications of the objects - see .pdf file posted
>   job-spec.pdf  .pdr   .doc
>2. Review of Scott's proposal for organization of tables
>   jmp961005.pdf.  .ps  .txt
>3. Harry Lewis's OS/2 presentation

I agree with the major topics listed. I would like to tell you a little
bit about the OS/2 presentation and request that this go first. I hope
you will agree this will be the most effective use of time.

The "OS/2" presentation will be given by Keith Carter - WARP SERVER
Print Architect. Keith has taken a close look at the JOB MIB proposal
from a WARP bidi print framework perspective and would like to take
appx. 30min to share his assessment and recommendations. In that time,
Keith will map some of the Job MIB function to the WARP bidi API. This
will help us see which JOB MIB attributes are important to WARP server.

I think, as we augur into the detail later, it will be good to have
had Keith's perspective. If we put Keith last (as currently listed),
I think we'll wish we had heard his presentation prior to review of
the specified objects.

I hope this can be arranged.

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

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