PWG [Fwd: Changes in the IETF Organization]

PWG [Fwd: Changes in the IETF Organization]

PWG [Fwd: Changes in the IETF Organization]

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Mon Nov 11 20:39:45 EST 1996

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Some of you have probably already seen this...but for those that
haven't, here is some IETF news.

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Permit me to take this opportunity to inform you of some changes in the
organization of the IETF, effective with the Memphis IETF meeting. At the
recent IESG Retreat (October 21-22) in Santa Barbara, we discussed the
direction of the Operations (formerly Operational Requirements) and the
Network Management Areas. We decided to merge them into a common Operations
and Management (O&M) Area. Mike O'Dell, the continuing Operations Area
Director, will be one of the Area Directors for O&M; the other is to be
determined by the Nominations Committee.

The purpose of this change is, as much as anything, to ensure a closer
liaison between the Network Management and the Operations communities. We
want to make very certain that network management is more than "making SNMP
work well"; it needs to be "SNMP and whatever else manages networks well" -
a strong operational focus.

All work which is currently being done in the Operations Area will be in
the O&M Area. This includes benchmarking, peformance analysis, management
of deployments and transitions, route policy, and some other issues.

Over the years, the Network Management community has developed a pool of
expertise in MIB development, embodied in the Network Management
Directorate. This important group will continue to exist in the O&M area,
and will continue to provide expertise in MIB development as a service to
their own and other areas.

Much of what has happened in the SNMP area is the development of MIBs. The
policy has been for some time that MIBs should really be developed by the
working group handling the protocol or other entity being managed.
Nonetheless, some MIB development has occurred in the Network Management
Area. The IESG will review these working groups during the transition; some
of will move to other areas, such as Internet or Applications. Those groups
that are closely tied to the evolution of management itself, like AgentX,
will move with the SNMP work to O&M. Groups that don't have a natural home
will be evaluated on a case by
case basis.

The development of SNMP itself, including the SNMP V2 Advisory Group
chaired by Russ Mundy, will be in the O&M Area. We expect that the work
identified and agreed to will be chartered in O&M, and will be carried out
with strong support from the Security community.

Thanks are due to Chuck Davin, Marshall Rose, and Deirdre Kostick for their
leadership of the area over the years, and to the many who have worked in
it. We hope that with this refocusing of vision, future network management
developments will build and improve on the groundwork that has been laid.

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