Directory Entry Schema

Directory Entry Schema

Directory Entry Schema

JK Martin jkm at
Tue Nov 19 16:44:00 EST 1996


I like all of your suggestions, except perhaps for this one:

> We propose a P1284 Device ID not a plug and play Id -- the plug and play
> id can be created from this.  ISSUE: Does this subsume the need for
> Make, Model, and Type??

This issue/concept falls right into the same kind of discussion we
recently conducted in the PWG regarding printer model identification,
particularly with regard to supporting print job submission and job
formatting (ie, PPD-like file support, etc).

Our experience tells us that users want to be able to view "real world"
identification information, such as Make, Model and Type (although I'm
not quite sure what "Type" would imply depending on the context).

The previous related discussion pointed out that an OID must be provided
to unambiguously and succinctly define the specific printer model; within
the Printer MIB context, this value is defined as the hrDeviceID object
in the HR MIB.  During the discussion someone questioned whether this was
a workable solution, since the application would have to have knowledge of
the OID mappings to determine the model type.  Those of us who develop
such application software explained that the OID approach was indeed a
reasonable solution, citing the need for a clean, simple syntax that has
both hierarchical potential and distributed administration within the name
space.  All of this is achieved via the standard SNMP SMI concept of the
"Enterprises" tree.

If we use a P1284 Device ID for the IPP, will these same naming features
exist?  Can someone brief the PWG on the name space administration of
the P1284 Device ID?  For example, how would an app developer know which
vendors have which products registered for which IDs?


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