PWG> New PWG Mailing Lists & Outage

PWG> New PWG Mailing Lists & Outage

PWG> New PWG Mailing Lists & Outage

Jeff Schnitzer jds at
Sun Dec 15 15:35:10 EST 1996

The following PWG mailing lists are now ready for use:

  List Address    Description
  ------------    -----------------------------------------
  pwg at     General/administrative PWG information
  ipp at     Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) project
  jmp at     Job Monitoring MIB (JMP) project
  p1394 at   Firewire (IEEE 1394) project
  pmp at     Printer MIB/MIF (PMP) project
  sense at   SENSE project

To subscribe, send a mail message to 
                          majordomo at 
with the following as the body of the message:

    subscribe pwg
    subscribe ipp
    subscribe jmp
    subscribe p1394
    subscribe pmp
    subscribe sense

You may omit any subscription request line (and you should omit
any to which you are already subscribed).

>      Subject:  Forthcoming PWG Server Outage (12/15 12/16)
>         Date:  Wed, 04 Dec 1996 18:27:59 -0500
>         From:  Jeff Schnitzer <jds at>
>           To:  pwg at, ipp at
> Underscore will be moving the machine that provides PWG FTP, mailing
> list and web services to a different ISP (Internet Service Provider).
> We expect an outage of about half a day on Sunday December 15th or
> Monday December 16th.
> The time-to-live/expiration periods in the Domain Name Server database
> has been reduced, so the new address should be picked within a few
> hours of the changeover.  In case of a delayed propagation of the
> change, you might be able to reach the machine by using the new
> numerical IP address explicitly.
> The new IP address of the PWG server will be
> The names remain the same:, and

We will send mail to the list(s) when the server is back in service.


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