PWG> Schedule for PWG Meetings

PWG> Schedule for PWG Meetings

PWG> Schedule for PWG Meetings

JK Martin jkm at
Tue Jan 7 15:08:00 EST 1997

> Given Jay's absence, has there been a change in the PWG meeting schedule?
> I am especially interested in the business for tomorrow, Wednesday.

I seriously doubt there will be even the slightest hiccup due to my
absence, Jim.  But thanks for thinking of me anyway!  ;-)

Seriously, the biggest impact will be that some time on the agenda
is now free, since the SENSE presentation will not be given.  Given
the recent rabid (but necessary!) discussions on the IPP list, I'm
hoping the IPP project can use the time scheduled for the SENSE

All: incidentally, I have (once again) asked Harry Lewis to perform
     my role as PWG Secretary at the Albuquerque meeting; however,
     as of this writing, I have not yet heard from Harry.  (He might
     be on his way to the meeting?)  In any event, if Harry attends
     the meeting (and is willing to be the Secretary), then would
     someone please mention this to Harry when he arrives?  If, on
     the other hand, Harry does not attend the meeting, would someone
     mind taking the minutes for (just) the general PWG portion of
     the agenda, which is usually just the first couple of hours of
     the first meeting day?

     Thanks in advance!


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