PWG> It is time to re-consider using some electronic forum for

PWG> It is time to re-consider using some electronic forum for

PWG> It is time to re-consider using some electronic forum for

Tom Hastings hastings at
Thu Apr 17 15:10:25 EDT 1997

With the volume of mail increasing and the fact that teleconferences
can't be attended by everyone, should we re-examine the idea of using
some electronic threaded forum software?  

In talking with Keith Moore, it should have a feature where a subscriber
can get any posting as a mail message and can input any response as a mail

Does such a forum exist?

Should we use it?


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>To: Tom Hastings <hastings at>
>Subject: Re: IPP> ADM - Conference calls
>Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 11:03:54 PDT
>From: "Scott Lawrence" <lawrence at>
>>>>>> "TH" == Tom Hastings <hastings at> writes:
>TH> Sorry about this expense.  We need your expertise and expericence
>TH> with HTTP especially.  Look for mail messages that start with
>TH> "IPP> PRO -" which means the protocol.  That is the area that may
>TH> be the most interesting to you.  So you may only need to call in
>TH> on a PRO call between meetings.
>  I'd figured out your Subject convention this morning.
>  I'm interested in why this group has chosen to use conference calls
>  in preference to the mailing lists everyone else uses.  Aside from the
>  expense, there is also the problem that you have no archive to refer
>  to later - a real problem for someone entering the process after it
>  has been under way for a while, and usefull when previously closed
>  issues get re-raised months or years later.

We do have miniutes of all teleconferences, which helps a lot.

>  I don't expect to join even the PRO calls very often, I'm afraid,
>  but I'll do what I can by mail and I'll be at the IETF meetings.  If
>  there are working meetings of the WG between times, I may be able to
>  be there if it looks like there will be HTTP related work going on.
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