PWG> Re: ??? Re: June Meeting in Boston

PWG> Re: ??? Re: June Meeting in Boston

PWG> Re: ??? Re: June Meeting in Boston

Don Wright don at
Wed Apr 30 17:18:00 EDT 1997

I have not updated the WEB page since IPP asked for 2 days.  I wanted
to make sure it settled out.  The schedule is and I will update the Web
page accordingly ASAP:

Mon/Tue - 1394
Wed/Thur - IPP
Fri - JMP/etc.


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Date: 04/30/97 09:16:47 AM
Subject: ??? Re: June Meeting in Boston

OK. I have seen a lot of mail on this and still do not really know which days 
the 1394 group will meet in Boston.

Is it Monday and Tuesday 6/23 and 6/24 like this note says or

is it Tuesday and Wednesday 6/24 and 6/25 like the web says?

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Subject: Re: PWG> Re: IPP> Re: June Meeting in Boston
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Date:    4/28/97 10:44 AM

Monday and Tuesday is 1394 Printing
Wednesday and Thursday are IPP
Friday is PMP/JMP/etc. (maybe only JMP)
(This schedule could be inverted; still trying to clear it up.)



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