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Here my new text covering intellectual property and confidentiality for the
process document.  Please share your comments as soon as possible.....


8.   Intellectual Property and Confidentiality
8.1. Intellectual Property

In the course of standards work, the PWG receives contributions
in various forms and from many individuals and companies.
The following applies to all written submissions to the PWG.
It does not apply to intellectual property simply mentioned
during discussions at meetings, in telephone conference calls
or via e-mail reflector discussions within the PWG or any of
its working groups.

·    Copyrights:
        1. To the extent that a submission is or may be
           subject to copyright, the individual or organization
           grants an unlimited perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free,
           world-wide right and license to the PWG under any
           copyrights in the contribution.  This license includes
           the right to copy, publish and distribute the contribution
           in any way, and to prepare derivative works that are based
           on or incorporate all or part of the contribution, the
           license to such derivative works to be of the same scope
           as the license of the original contribution.
        2. The contributor represents that the contribution properly
           acknowledges all major contributors, and the contributor
           grants permission to reference the name(s) and address(es)
           of the contributor(s) and of the organization(s) they
           represents (if any).

·    Patents:
        1. The individual or organization must disclose the existence
           of any proprietary or intellectual property rights in the
           contribution that are reasonably known to the contributor.
           The contributor does not represent that he personally
           knows of all potentially pertinent proprietary and
           intellectual property rights owned or claimed by third
           parties not involved in the contribution.

        2. Where any patents, patent applications, or other proprietary
           rights are known, or claimed, with respect to any
           specification on the standards track, and brought to the
           attention of the PWG, the PWG shall not advance the
           specification unless the individual or organization that
           owns these rights agree to license the patent or other
           property right with reasonable and non-discriminatory
           terms and conditions.  In such cases, the Working Group
           chair shall obtain from the owner of such rights, a
           written assurance that upon Formal Approval of the PWG
           standard, any party will be able to obtain the right to
           implement, use and distribute the technology or works
           based upon the specific specification(s) under reasonable,
           non-discriminatory terms and conditions.

        3. Where multiple options are available for standardization
           and where no significant technical differences can be
           identified (in the opinion of the Working Group) preference
           shall be given to options in the following order:

           a) No patents issued or pending
           b) Patents available without license fee or conditions
           c) Patents available with reasonable, non-discriminatory
              terms and conditions.

8.2. Confidentiality

The operation of the Printer Working Group is conducted without
non-disclosure agreements among the parties.  Information shared
at meetings, telephone conference calls, via e-mail reflector
discussions or any other public event within the PWG or any of its
working groups is considered to be public knowledge.


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