PWG> MIBs Meeting Schedule

PWG> MIBs Meeting Schedule

PWG> MIBs Meeting Schedule

Stuart Rowley Stuart.Rowley at
Thu Sep 17 17:48:49 EDT 1998


Yes, I'm in favor of MIBs on Wednesday nights. For Savannah I will likely 
miss the entire UPD meeting because my flight arrives at 6:55 PM although I 
leave SFO at 6:15 AM! 

Stuart Rowley
Kyocera Technology Development

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Subject: PWG> MIBs Meeting Schedule
Author:  INTERNET:rbergma at at CSERVE
Date:    9/17/98 4:37 PM

I propose that the evening MIBs meetings be either Wednesday or Thursday 
evening, rather than Tuesday.  Most of the people attending this meeting 
do not attend the P1394 meetings.  In many cases such as the Savannah 
meeting, it is difficult to arrive early enough to be at the start of the 
meeting.  (I will be late to the UPD meeting which replaces the MIBs 
meeting in Savannah.)

Rather than start the meeting later than 7:00, Wednesday would be much 
more convenient.  Anyone object to Wednesday evening in Tucson?


	Ron Bergman
	Dataproducts Corp.

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