PWG> MIBs Meeting Schedule

PWG> MIBs Meeting Schedule

PWG> MIBs Meeting Schedule

Harry Lewis harryl at
Fri Sep 18 00:39:58 EDT 1998

I think Tuesday night was chosen because there are, likewise, some who attend
P1394 who don't stay for Wednesday-Friday so they might be impacted by moving
the evening session to a later day. Although I don't object to moving the
sessions to Wednesday or Thursday evenings, 7pm Tuesday has worked out quite
well for me. I find, with mobile computing, there is less reason to stay in the
office and take a late flight. I try to arrive around 5pm which usually leaves
enough time to check in prior to the 7pm meeting. It's true, if the meeting is
in a location where flights are limited or there is a long ride from the
airport... this becomes more difficult.

One might also ask if P1394 continues to need 2 days? It's been a long
tradition. Is this still necessary? Of course, if we spread other meetings
across more days it means longer weeks for those attending.

Personally, I prefer to tuck a meeting in at 7pm the night of my arrival than
have to arrive an entire day earlier but, I have to admit... evening attendance
has been light.

Harry Lewis - IBM Printing Systems

rbergma at on 09/17/98 02:39:24 PM
Please respond to rbergma at
Subject: PWG> MIBs Meeting Schedule

I propose that the evening MIBs meetings be either Wednesday or Thursday
evening, rather than Tuesday.  Most of the people attending this meeting
do not attend the P1394 meetings.  In many cases such as the Savannah
meeting, it is difficult to arrive early enough to be at the start of the
meeting.  (I will be late to the UPD meeting which replaces the MIBs
meeting in Savannah.)

Rather than start the meeting later than 7:00, Wednesday would be much
more convenient.  Anyone object to Wednesday evening in Tucson?


 Ron Bergman
 Dataproducts Corp.3

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