PWG> Formal good-bye

PWG> Formal good-bye

PWG> Formal good-bye

Manros, Carl-Uno B cmanros at
Fri Sep 18 14:13:47 EDT 1998


We are very sorry to see you leaving the project. 

You were the key initiator for IPP back in '96 and 
have spent unmeasurable time and effort as our main IPP 
editor and editor of the IPP Model & Semantics document,
as well as being a key technical contributor and sometime
stand-in for me as chair.

We will have to struggle on without you, but you will be
missed by all of us.

My sincere thanks for your efforts,


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> All,
> As many of you know (and others guessed due to my long 
> silence on this mailing list), due to an internal job 
> transition (that has been going on for many months now!?), I 
> will no longer be participating in the PWG and IPP efforts.
> The work as been very rewarding. The people have been great.  
> I am interested to hear about the results of the bake-off!
> I did offer some small model document editing work to 
> Carl-Uno if necessary, but on the whole, I am sure that you 
> will be able to carry on (probably much easier) without me.   
> Also as you know, Hugo Parra from Novell will be 
> participating in the PWG. He is a great guy and does awesome work!
> Scott 
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