PWG> Re: PWG-ANNOUNCE> Character repertoires in printers

PWG> Re: PWG-ANNOUNCE> Character repertoires in printers

PWG> Re: PWG-ANNOUNCE> Character repertoires in printers

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That's a good question.  I think (hope) the set-of-fonts question is
orthogonal to the set-of-glyphs question.

In XHTML-Print, the set-of-fonts question is handled by the statement in
CSS [see Jim's email] that a user agent should support five generic names
(however, I will buy you a beverage of your choice if you can tell me what
"fantasy" is actually used for).  But, I find nothing in CSS that tells me
which particular Unicode values will be successfully rendered by the user

If we had a set of Unicode-based repertoires, maybe something like
PWG-Latin-Basic, PWG-Latin-Extended, PWG-Cyrillic, PWG-Japanese,
PWG-Symbols, etc. then XHTML-Print could refer to them and say something

     A complying printer must successfully render each of the codepoints
from the repertoires PWG-Latin-Basic and PWG-Symbols.  For the codepoints
in PWG-Latin-Basic, the rendered glyph should be visibly different in each
of the generic fonts Serif, Sans Serif, Monospace, and Cursive.  For a
Symbol it is acceptable for a complying printer to render it the same way
in all fonts.


1.  This is just one solution;  I don't want to prejudice the discussion.
2.  It would be better to select existing repertoires from somewhere rather
than invent our own.


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Would you envision this to include a set of mandatory fonts or font
families or just a list of mandatory charactor sets (groups of glyphs)?

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As we discussed in Santa Fe, I am interested in the possibility of defining
standard printer character repertoires for interoperability.

For discussion, a draft charter of a hypothetical working group follows:

In traditional printing environments, clients rely on font downloads when
they are not sure a given character is embedded in the printer.  As
printing moves to small clients, downloading may not be an option and
clients have a need to know what characters are available in a given

The purpose of this group is to:
1.  Survey existing methods for indicating available characters, such as
those used in the Bluetooth BPP
2.  Define needs for printing character repertoires, considering such
factors as country locations and wingding-type symbols
3.  Using Unicode, select or define a list of useful repertoires for
4.  Recommend a basic repertoire for inclusion in any printer that supports
embedded Unicode-accessable characters
5.  Propose an extension to the PWG Semantic Model for obtaining the
character repertoires available in a printer
6.  Work with UPnP and other groups to add repertoire support as needed

Before proceeding, I would like any and all feedback on these questions:

1.  Is this a problem worth solving?  (vs. vendor-specific solutions)
2.  Should it be treated as part of XHTML-Print, UPnP, or some other group?
(as opposed to a separate working group)
3.  Who is interested in participarting, as author or reviewer?

If there is sufficient interest I will prepare a more complete proposal.


Elliott Bradshaw
Director, Software Engineering
Oak Technology Imaging Group
781 638-7534

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