PWG> Trying to settle meeting schedule

PWG> Trying to settle meeting schedule

PWG> Trying to settle meeting schedule

Harry Lewis harryl at
Thu Mar 27 23:42:22 EST 2003

Trying to assimilate all the commotion resulting from cancelation of D.C. 
and trying to respond in a timely manner for folks wanting to reschedule 
their flights (AA is a lost cause, I fear)... I'm going to float what I 
think is the least controversial proposal.

June 16-20 Vancouver B.C. 
   - Try to match D.C. agenda with FSG on Tuesday. Else we will miss M. 
   - I did get a note from Bob Herriot requesting San Jose so he could 
   - I got a lot of flack for attempting to move back across the border - 
evidently a lot of folks looking forward to B.C. 
   - A major effort will be made to recreate the confluence we were having 
with FSG and CIP4 in D.C. 
   - UPnP would have aligned with us on July 14... they will need to 
rethink and our schedule will be absolutely PACKED if we try to have all 4 
standards bodies simultaneously (so... we might as well meet at my 
favorite place... a warehouse in Newark, NJ, because no one will see the 
light of day, anyway). 

Aug 11-15 Tentative (t.b.d.) - if needed
   - I have not done a scheduling and conflict avoidance survey on this 
date. Our plan was to avoid the summer vacation season entirely. 

October 6-10 NYC  (plan of record)

December 1-5 Provo (plan of record)

I'd like to achieve consensus on the schedule for the rest of the year at 
the PLENARY on Wednesday morning (I'll announce the dial-in number and 
time tomorrow).
Harry Lewis 
IBM Printing Systems 
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