PWG> 12 Noon EST 30 Nov WIMS Telcom - Ira's Relax NG topic

PWG> 12 Noon EST 30 Nov WIMS Telcom - Ira's Relax NG topic

PWG> 12 Noon EST 30 Nov WIMS Telcom - Ira's Relax NG topic

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Mon Nov 28 16:39:42 EST 2005

We can add Ira's observation to the agenda for this Wednesday, 12 Noon.
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I think that Harry will not be available for this week's concalls. So SC discussion may be a while off. However, the quoted message apperas to be in response to a proposal to extend W3C XML Schema to accomodate some problems found by the IETF XCON WG. I suggest that the first questions is to what extent do these problems apply to PWG Schema.

With respect to other WIMS WG topics:

a. Minutes:
b. Abstracting the WIMS protocol spec.

However, if we do not have a reasonable attedance, there would be little sense in  discussing these rather significant topics.

Bill Wagner

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> Hi folks, 
> Topic for next WIMS telecon and next PWG Steering Committee telecon. 
> [The context is describing constraints in schema for XML documents] 
> Below is a thought-provoking comment recently from Tim Bray (Textuality) 
> about the misuse of W3C XML Schema in IETF specs where ISO Relax NG would 
> be more appropriate. 
> Tim's _first_ sentence (not quoted below) was: 
> "My input: The proposal is an attempt to work around one of the many known 
> limitations of W3C XML Schema. It also seems to increase the complexity 
> and 
> decrease the readability of your XML." 
> It's worth considering whether our PWG standard SM/1.0 printing schema and 
> the new WIMS imaging system schema should be translated to Relax NG. 
> Cheers, 
> - Ira 
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> Subject: Tim Bray on RelaxNG 
> As a general practice, I would advise the IETF to specify XML 
> languages using the simpler, more general, more flexible, more 
> interoperable RelaxNG, which is also an ISO standard by the 
> way. For example, Atompub did this in draft-ietf-atompub-format-11, 
> which is now a proposed standard and waiting for its RFC number. 
> In particular, the kind of extensibility you want for XCON would 
> be easily modeled in RelaxNG without the need for this kind of 
> egregious kludge. -Tim Bray 
> Can we revisit the use of Relax-NG for netconf (before we start 
> resorting to egregious kludges ;^)? 
> Thanks, 
> Phil 
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