PWG> RE: PWG-ANNOUNCE> URGENT - PWG Chairman Nominations

PWG> RE: PWG-ANNOUNCE> URGENT - PWG Chairman Nominations

PWG> RE: PWG-ANNOUNCE> URGENT - PWG Chairman Nominations

Whittle, Craig cwhittle at
Tue Jul 19 13:22:07 EDT 2005

I nominate Lee Farrell as Vice Chair and Jerry Thrasher as Secretary for
another term.  Although the election process is incomplete, I am confident
that the PWG will continue to be successful with these leaders.  





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I nominate Harry for another term of Chair.  (Is it too late?)



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I labeled this reminder URGENT because we are just over a month away from
our July Plenary where we will review nominations and begin elections for
new PWG officers. The 2 year term for current officers will expire in
September. Three positions will be opening - Chairman, Vice Chairman and
Secretary. We welcome nominations for any of the 3 positions but, while we
do have several people willing to accept VC and Secretary roles, we are
currently lacking a nominee for Chairman.   

The PWG is entering a very exciting and active phase which will require an
energetic leader with vision. This role will require commitment but I am
certain, in return, you will receive a great number of very rewarding

Some of the more recent highlights for the PWG include: 

 1. Apple and Microsoft join the PWG who, together with IBM, represent print
and printer management components of 5 major OS platforms. 
 2. Linux is represented via scheduled, periodic joint meetings with the
Free Standards Group 
 3. Dell joined the PWG as a major supplier of printers and printing systems
who is interested in open standards 
 4. The PWG Common Semantic Model has been established and acknowledged by a
wide ranging variety of segment specific print standards organizations 
 5. Version 2 of Printer MIB has reached IETF Standards Track status (RFC
 6. Discussions are being held with the DMTF regarding possible
collaboration to update the CIM printer model with PWG semantics 
 7. The PWG is expanding into broader areas of "imaging systems" management 
  a. With the definition of a complete set of Counters for remote management
of Imaging Services (such as Production and Enterprise Print, Scan, Copy,
  b. With the definition of a web service method for implementing
inter-enterprise remote management for Output Management Services 
  c. With an initial BOF, in Japan, on networked projector management
standards which is leading to a new project definition and solicitation of
projector vendors 

Some additional areas under consideration are 

 8. Efficiency study of standards activities in the print and imaging
industry including models, dictionaries, protocols (print, finishing, job
ticket, management, accounting) with recommendations for harmony 
 9. Possible alliance with high-end production print standards organizations
for Semantic Model alignment and expansion into areas such as mail piece and
remote finishing. 

Many of you have demonstrated your support for open standards and the
positive effect they have had on the printer industry with your
contributions in working groups, on conference calls, e-mail discussions and
face to face meetings. This has allowed the PWG to provide our service to
the industry in an exemplary manner while maintaining our tradition as a low
cost, low overhead organization. The PWG is in need of a new Chairman to
help keep this tradition moving forward. Please indicate your support by
sending your nomination to  <mailto:pwg at> pwg at or you can send
your nomination directly to me by simply replying to this message. 

Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems

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