PWG> SC - Steering Committee agenda for July 28

PWG> SC - Steering Committee agenda for July 28

PWG> SC - Steering Committee agenda for July 28

Harry Lewis harryl at
Wed Jul 20 23:58:18 EDT 2005


OK... I don't think I ever got out the minutes from July 7. One thing I 
did record is a decision to move SC meetings to every other Thursday at 
3pm Eastern beginning July 28. We decided to skip this week because it is 
so close on the heals of the Cupertino f2f. Please note there has since 
been a proposal to begin SC meetings at 3:10 vs 3pm to provide a break for 
those who will be back-to-back with the PWG-CIM conference call. 

Here are the topics we should have on our agenda beginning July 28. Not 
sure we'll have time for all.

Thursday, 2005-07-28
3:10 pm Eastern (NYC)
Toll Free:     1-866-365-4406
International: 00+1+303-248-9655
Passcode:      2635888#

1. Recap of Cupertino
  - What we consider successful
  - What we could improve

2. Status of maturing projects
  - Port Mon MIB
  - WIMS

3. Status of new projects kicking off
  - Projector/Display mgt

4. Effect of recent or anticipated projects on the Common Semantic Model

5. Elections

6. Possible directions
  - Color management semantics
  - Remote finishing semantics
  - Is all this already covered in JDF?
  - Are we sticking our nose where it doesn't belong or are we providing a 
useful service?

7. 2006 Schedule
  - F2F schedule
  - Introduce scheduled remote Plenary(s)?

8. SC meeting time reduce to 50 min to accommodate break following 
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems
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