PWG> Maxmize & Enhance Your WWW ROI Now . . .

PWG> Maxmize & Enhance Your WWW ROI Now . . .

PWG> Maxmize & Enhance Your WWW ROI Now . . .

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Wed May 6 18:02:25 UTC 2009

1. Would your Organization/Depts like to conduct 
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3. With businesses increasingly using E-Mail to 
transfer critical information intra/inter organization 
over the Internet comes the potential for additional 
security breaches and liability. We offer an entire 
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backbone insuring possible compromise of confidentiality, 
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If you find that you and your management are concerned 
about Proprietary information is maliciously or 
inadvertently sent to unintended individuals i.e. 
dissemination of unauthorized information via Internet
business systems including confidential materials or 
"off-color" jokes, etc.Internal business systems being 
exposed to viruses from outside/inside the organization 
then this  product solution suite is for you. Investigate
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4. Get Help when you need it 24 Hours a day, 365 days 
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 **Please feel free to extend this Email to your 
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