[PWG] Imaging Power Management Survey

[PWG] Imaging Power Management Survey

[PWG] Imaging Power Management Survey

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Thu May 7 01:46:59 UTC 2009

( This may be considered a trial of the new setup as well as a message to be


My analysis of the Imaging Power Management survey response is attached.
"Take with you" information is"


Group 1 - Background Questions

1. There is a significant need for control and/or monitoring of the various
imaging equipment power states.


2. It is desirable to have industry standard definitions of and access to
power state information.


3. The Printer Working Group is the appropriate organization to set the
imaging equipment power management element standards.


4. Such standards should provide for optionally setting power states as well
as defining them for monitoring.


5. Such standards should provide for optionally setting power state
transition policy (e.g., revert to standby after some period of inactivity.)


6. Such standards should ultimately address all levels of equipment from
SOHO to production, although some levels may be addressed first.


 There was significant agreement on all points, although with some pushback
on items 5 and 6.


Group 2 - Interest in Creating Draft

The survey indicated  four contributors and eight reviewers, but no
editor/coordinator. If I take on that job, there is sufficient support to
create a draft.


Group 3 - Interest in Implementation

The response suggests sufficient interest to advance to  a Candidate
Standard vote, and perhaps further.


Group 4- Compatibility

ACPI and CIM are the main contenders and  some resolution between these two
standards as models would be necessary.


              Group 5 - Binding

SNMP (MIB) was a clear preference


Participation was small but positive.


Next Steps on WIMS mailing list,  soon.



Bill Wagner







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