[SM3] Where are things?

[SM3] Where are things?

[SM3] Where are things?

William A Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Thu Oct 17 20:15:23 UTC 2013

As  we develop contacts with more organizations, access to Semantic Model
information becomes more important. However, it appears to be a bit confused
right now.

1.       Mail list: The web page says that mfd at pwg.org will continue to be
used, but we appear to be using  a new sm3 at pwg.org list. (The discussion in
the Web page is also confusing, referring to version 1 and version 2,
suggesting that the current work is on Version 2.)

2.       FTP Site: There is an SM3 directory on the FTP site but, unless
something strange has happened, there is nothing posted in it. But it was
created on 8/8 and perhaps nothing has been posted since 8/8? The MFD
directory does have later postings, but just CWMP stuff.

3.       In the absence of a secretary, Daniel is taking minutes and posting
them to the mail list. But it would be nice to have them in the minutes
subdirectory  (presumably of SM3). 


Bill W.

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