[SM3] SM3 Meeting Minutes - 17 Feb, 2014.

[SM3] SM3 Meeting Minutes - 17 Feb, 2014.

[SM3] SM3 Meeting Minutes - 17 Feb, 2014.

Manchala, Daniel Daniel.Manchala at xerox.com
Mon Feb 17 20:21:22 UTC 2014

Meeting Attendees:

Rick Yardumian (Canon)
Paul Tykodi (TCS)
Bill Wagner (TIC)
Norbert Schade (Conexant)
Daniel Manchala (Xerox)

Daniel went through the list of action items that were taken on the Feb 6, 2014 F2F PWG meeting.

The Working Group discussed the Constraint and Resolver problem again. We need to make a decision on whether to have a certain schema element into the common/base group if it is required of all the individual services (or) if it is needed in more than one service element. This determines how to structure the Constraints and Resolver elements. Need further feedback from Pete and Ira.

Daniel to post the updated SM3 2.900 version of the Schema. Bill to test for errors on the Schema using his copy of LiquidXML.

There was a discussion on whether to lower the priority of the MSPS to PWG PJT mapping or remove it altogether with the suggested breaking of the mapping document into individual mapping document (for example JDF-PJT mapping), particularly since Google Cloud Print is creating its own set and is not based on the Microsoft Print Schema.

Since the IPP meeting is not going to be held on 24 Feb, there was a request to have an SM meeting on the 24th. Daniel will send the meeting invite and cancel the meeting if sufficient decision makers are not available.

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