[SM3] SM2, 1.185: JobConstraintsSupported, JobResolversSupported

[SM3] SM2, 1.185: JobConstraintsSupported, JobResolversSupported

[SM3] SM2, 1.185: JobConstraintsSupported, JobResolversSupported

Norbert Schade Norbert.Schade at conexant.com
Thu Jan 30 16:45:54 UTC 2014

Just for the high level view:

I find JobConstraintsSupported and JobResolversSupported objects under PrintServiceDescription under PrintServiceBaseType under PrintService in the PrintService schema.
As PrintServiceBaseType is also providing PrintServiceCapabilities, this is rather nicely tied up, meaning it can all be covered in one complex structure.

When I search through the ScanService schema, I do find ScanServiceCapabilities and ScanServiceDescription objects.
But the ...Description object is much shorter, especially not providing any reference to that constraints stuff.
So to me it looks as if I'm supposed to create a somewhat independent xml instance based on the ServiceTypes schema that deals with constraints.
Is that currently under review? Perhaps going to be merged into a common ...Description object?
If yes, what is the intended schedule? Is that almost ready for a vote or still heavily edited these days? That would likely have an impact on which SM version we follow in our internal design.

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