[SM3] SM3, version 2.901: latest changes by NS

[SM3] SM3, version 2.901: latest changes by NS

[SM3] SM3, version 2.901: latest changes by NS

Norbert Schade Norbert.Schade at conexant.com
Mon Jul 7 19:54:57 UTC 2014

I've modified 2 files only:

-          Security.xsd

o   Right at the top of the schema we import 4 other schemas. The fourth one (xxx_secext_1.0.xsd) referenced a http schemaLocation. I changed that to a relative location (removed the folders prefix).

o   Changed ClientRoleWKV to ClientTypeWKV

-          ServicesOperations.xsd
changed a few objects with the 'SecurityAttributes' snippet in them to a 'SecurityElements' snippets.
All schemas validate with my XMLSpy after these changes.
I'm quite sure that the issues were oversights. So if somebody who worked on the critical objects could confirm that the changes are appropriate respectively improve the changes, we could finalize the current version.

I placed the NSValidationChanges-v2.901-20140707 zip file that contains these 2 schema files in the sm3/white folder on the pwg ftp site.


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