[SM3] Items to discuss at the forthcoming F2F meeting

[SM3] Items to discuss at the forthcoming F2F meeting

[SM3] Items to discuss at the forthcoming F2F meeting

William A Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Thu Jul 24 20:21:34 UTC 2014

For the record, and to correct any misinterpretation of Daniel's email, I
did not originate either of the issues Daniel identified. Rather, I
suggested that they were too important to be decided at a conference call
and needed to be considered by a wider group, the August face-to-face being
the obvious one. 

I do agree with Ira that any changes to the PWG Candidate Standard
5108.07-2012 - PWG Print Job Ticket and Associated Capabilities Version 1.0
(PJT) must go through the full standards reissue and re-approval process,
unless they are simply editorial and/or clarification issues. We are
presenting the Job Ticket and associated print service description and job
receipt definitions as standards to several other organizations and must be
rigorous in our handling of changes.

Further, I suggest that we should consider whether the mapping should be to
the semantic model PJT, or to IPP, or to Semantic Model PJT modified by the
IPP implementation. That is, I suggest that actual use of the mapping
information will be from one of the other formats to IPP, not to the
abstract semantic model.

Finally, I would further add to the SM3 discussion topics the expansion of
the PJT (which is just concerned with the Print Service) to an Imaging
Service Job Ticket (or alternately <imaging service>Job Tickets), since the
Semantic Model has advanced beyond just printing quite some time ago and
even IPP is about to include a Scan Service.
Bill Wagner

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While going through the SM3 schema, Bill came up with a few items to discuss
at the forthcoming F2F meeting in Toronto to be held in Aug 2014.

1.       Group of elements in the current job ticket are inappropriate and
are probably related to the receipt.

2.       Change MediaType from top level to lower level in the MediaCol tree
=> change the print job ticket schema. Should we do a call for objections?
This will make us to make changes both to the schema and the SM3 document.

Attendees at the meeting:
Bill Wagner
Paul Tykodi
Norbert Schrade
Rick Yardumian
Daniel Manchala

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