[SM3] SM3 call today.

[SM3] SM3 call today.

[SM3] SM3 call today.

William Wagner wamwagner at comcast.net
Mon Mar 9 18:43:47 UTC 2015


Sorry I missed it, but I got diverted to something else  before your second response came in.  I understand that Paul is really busy, but he has taken on some critical tasks that need to be done before we can proceed. And he always seems to present a positive position that the task will be done next time, so that one is disinclined to say “I’ll do it.” 

I think SM  may be important, but I and all the other workgroup chairs know that if you don’t produce, you will lose whatever support you had (sometimes that happens even when you do produce).  I have the dubious honor of shutting down two workgroups, not because there was nothing left to do, but because there was not enough interest to get  volunteers to do the writing, reviewing, etc. (For example, after over a month, we still do not have sufficient Last Call responses for the Cloud spec. .. the spec just took too long to get done and most members lost interest.)

The SM3 WG has spun it wheels for too long (and I have not helped). I suggest that, if the SM3 WG cannot get going, it might be best to just shut down and let the IPP WG handle the general as well as the specific aspects. (IPP and SM are largely redundant anyway, and it gets a bit confusing when they do diverge.)  I don’t think that this would be a good thing, but it would be better than the present situation.

I could volunteer to come up with a draft of the Charter, and do the PPD reformat, if Paul wishes to drop the assignments. But that would not necessarily fix the problem unless we can get more participation (and the ability of the chair to nag the volunteers into producing.) I suggest that we need to believe, and make others believe, the that work of the SM3 WG is important and useful, and does not merely echo the IPP efforts. The SM efforts need to have a well substantiated purpose, looking to the future. And if we cannot think of at least one, perhaps there is no reason for the WG to exist.

Thanks for your efforts as chair.

Bill Wagner

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Reminder: SM3 call today (03/09/2015) at 11:00 AM PT == 2:00 PM ET.

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