WBMM> Queues

WBMM> Queues

WBMM> Queues

Wagner,William WWagner at NetSilicon.com
Thu Jul 24 13:30:05 EDT 2003

Harry had brought up  the notion of different classes of compliance in his last minutes. I think this  is as it must go. For WBMM monitoring applications, any  set  operation let alone queue management must be disallowed. But that does not mean that we ought not identify and format set operations.

Bill Wagner

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I do think doing some sub-setting makes sense - in the case of queues, not
all devices/services managed by WBMM will have queues to manage.  

Once we understand the potential subsets, we can talk about which ones need
to be in WBMM 1.0, and which can follow (or potentially be done in parallel.


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> Hi Harry,
> Apparently we want to focus on WBMM device management first 
> (per most of our WBMM discussions).
> However, that doesn't do PSI any particular good, which still 
> would require the box labelled "and then a miracle happens" 
> to get a PSI Print Service (or Target Device) installed or 
> reconfigured after installation.
> Do we care that all PSI implementations will ship without 
> standards-based management for several more years?
> Cheers,
> - Ira McDonald
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> Sorry I missed the call. On the topic of queue management. 
> I've no objection to adding this but wonder if it might 
> warrant some subsetting of WBMM. Are you going to have to be 
> able to manage queues to be WBMM compliant? Don't we want to 
> focus on solving the device management problem first, and 
> then move on to queue management? 
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