WBMM> Conference call

WBMM> Conference call

WBMM> Conference call

Wagner,William WWagner at NetSilicon.com
Mon Mar 17 13:02:37 EST 2003

As  previously established, there will be a WBMM telephone conference call : 

    Time: 4:00 PM EST  18   (1PM PST) March 2003
    Call-in US Toll-free : 1-877-874-5524 
    Call-in International /Toll : 1-712-455-8420 

    Participant Identification number: 497478 

    Review of Agenda
    Review of  Last Conference Call Minutes ( ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/wbmm/minutes/wbmm_030304.doc )
    Discussion of Use Cases/Scenarios ( ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/wbmm/white/
    Discuss New Data Model Requirements  (Harry's list)
        1. Leverage semantics from Printer MIB, IPP and Finisher MIB 
        2. Address new functionality for MFPs 
        3. Address management of Services such as Transforms or Print Services 
        4. Improve upon the conveyance of status as compared to the Printer MIB, hrMIB 
        5. Allow structuring the data model in relation to applications (end-user, admin, accounting, service etc.) vs. devices  
           (printer, mfp, finisher). 
        6. Facilitate mapping to legacy models (MIBs, CIM, NPAP etc.) 
        7. Facilitate direct, native data exchange to the lowest managed entity if desired (ex. don't REQUIRE proxy or 

    Discuss Partitioning and Inter-relation (i.e., identification of pre-requisite information necessary to proceed)
    1. Base Transport (HTTP, including support for security infrastructure ; EMAIL, including ESMTP and APOP ; others?)
    2. SOAP/XML Coding (including interface with both existing local management provisions and new data model)
    3. New Data Model 
    Next steps
        Next conference call
        Review of action items
Please communicate if you have additional agenda items or would like to add  basic issues for discussion.
This list has about 30 subscribers. We hope to have good participation on Tuesday's call. 
Bill Wagner/NetSilicon, a Digi International Company


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