WBMM> Posted - WBMM Spec and Schedule v0.40 (4 Nov 2003)

WBMM> Posted - WBMM Spec and Schedule v0.40 (4 Nov 2003)

WBMM> Posted - WBMM Spec and Schedule v0.40 (4 Nov 2003)

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at sharplabs.com
Tue Nov 4 19:43:06 EST 2003

Hi folks,                                      Tuesday (4 November 2003)

[for review at tomorrow's WBMM telecon]

I have just posted an initial draft of the WBMM Protocol Spec at:


I have also revised the Schedule XML Schema.  The Schedule XML Schema
v0.40 validates without warnings using XML SPY 2004, XRay 2.0, and XSV
2.5 (the free XML Schema Validator) and is posted at:


Below are: (a) change log; (b) use models; and (c) defined actions.

- Ira McDonald
  High North Inc

[changes from v0.30 to v0.40]

(1) Minor editorial fixups, per Pete Zehler and others;
(2) Deleted former no-op action 'None';
(3) Renamed action 'Other' to 'Vendor', for clarity;
(4) Added 'ActionStartupMode' (current cold, previous cold, or factory
    cold) to capture Printer MIB 'prtGeneralReset' semantics;
(5) Renamed action 'PurgeElements' to 'DeleteElements', for clarity;
(6) Renamed action 'PurgeResources' to 'DeleteResources', for clarity;

[use models]

Use Model 1 (Passive - Required):

A WBMM managed device (or service) creates an HTTP connection (OUTBOUND
across the enterprise network's firewall) to a WBMM management station.
If this is the first such connection, the WBMM managed device (or
service) first sends a Register request (packaged in a SOAP/1.1
envelope) to the WBMM management station (to establish their management
association).  After the Register operation (if any), the WBMM managed
device (or service) immediately sends a GetSchedule request.  The WBMM
management station sends a GetSchedule response containing an XML
Schedule object (a list of planned actions and their timetables).

Later, as each planned action is performed, the WBMM managed device
(or service) may create another HTTP connection to the WBMM management
station and send SendReport (normal) and/or SendAlert (exception)
requests, as needed.

Use Model 2 (Active - Optional):

A WBMM management station sends an Execute (or SetSchedule) request
(containing a Schedule object) directly to a WBMM managed device (or
service), for example, by sending a SOAP/1.1 request over email (SMTP).

Later, each scheduled operation is performed by the WBMM managed device
(as described in Use Model 1 above).

[defined actions]

Vendor - vendor extension action with any parameters
Restart - reset to same, previous, or factory configuration
Shutdown - stop instance of service/device entirely
Startup - start new instance of service/device
Subscribe - for notifications
Wakeup - wakeup service/device, which then performs GetSchedule


Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
Blue Roof Music / High North Inc
PO Box 221  Grand Marais, MI  49839
phone: +1-906-494-2434
email: imcdonald at sharplabs.com

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