WBMM> Comments on wd-wbmm01-20031231x.pdf

WBMM> Comments on wd-wbmm01-20031231x.pdf

WBMM> Comments on wd-wbmm01-20031231x.pdf

Wagner,William WWagner at NetSilicon.com
Mon Jan 19 18:06:39 EST 2004


Draft is updated. Per the description in the front matter:

This version of the PWG Proposed Standard is available electronically at:
ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/wbmm/wd/latestdraft.doc in change-tracked Word format, and
ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/wbmm/wd/latestdraft.rtf marked up.

A non-changed-tracked PDF copy is also available in 

(the RTF is very large, so in the future, I will change the front matter to indicate the non-MS Word latestdraft markup will be PDF)

Open items (in no particular priority) include:
1. Returns and exceptions to operations
2. I have notes to add PauseAndDisable comment and  ResumeAndEnable comment (but have forgotten what these are)
3. Report and Alert Schema
4. WSDL references

Best regards,

Bill Wagner

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Hi Bill,                                        Monday (19 January 2004)

My belated comments on the latest WBMM spec 'wd-wbmm01-20031231x.pdf':

(1) Global
    - please regenerate Table of Contents (missing stuff) - thanks.

(2) Global
    - change 'Managed Service or device' to 'Managed Service or Device'.
    - better - change 'Managed Service or device' to 'Managed Entity'.

(3) Global
    - change 'WBMM Monitoring Interface' to 'WBMM Managed Entity
      Interface' (per section 5.1)
    - change 'WBMM Management Interface' to 'WBMM Management Station
      Interface' (per section 5.2)

(4) Section 2.2
    - insert 'WBMM' prefix in front of the defined terms:
      'Managed Device', 'Management Station', 'Management Proxy', and
      'Imaging System'.

(5) Section 4.3
    - change 'soap+XML' to 'soap+xml' (per RFC 3023 canonical spelling).
    - change 'WBMM Management Stations' to 'WBMM Management Stations,
      WBMM Management Proxies, or WBMM Managed Entities'.

(6) Section 4.5 (and elsewhere?)
    - change 'WBMM managed entities' to 'WBMM Managed Entities'.

(7) Section 5.1.4 and Abstract
    - change 'RegisterForMgmt' to 'RegisterForManagement' (because all
      our other operations have words fully spelled out).

(8) Section 5.1.5 and Abstract
    - change 'UnRegisterForMgmt' to 'UnregisterForManagement' (because
      'unregister' is a single word - consistent with PSI/1.0 spec).

(9) Section 5.3.17
    - remove erroneous '12/31/2003' from section title

(10) Section 5
    - the diagram is damaged (truncated) in the PDF version.

(11) Section 5.3 and all subsections
    - change 'legacy Managed Device' to 'Legacy Managed Device'.
    - change 'Management Station' to 'WBMM Management Station'.

(12) Section 5.3.12
    - delete 'service or device' in Description (it's redundant).

(13) Section 5.3.15
    - replace entire broken definition of 'notifyEvents' with:
      "list of event names to be delivered via SendAlert."
      (this was my error in HTML original draft of spec)

(14) Section 5.3.17
    - change 'service or device' to 'WBMM Managed Entity' in Description

(15) Section 7
    - in second paragraph, change 'of Schedule and Resource' to
      'of Schedule, Resource, Alert, and Report'.

(16) Section 14 - Appendix X
    - please keep up this 'Change Log' at some level of detail - thanks.

- Ira

Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
Blue Roof Music / High North Inc
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