WIMS> Posted PrtViews and RFC 2790/3805/3806/3808 schemas (5 August 200 4)

WIMS> Posted PrtViews and RFC 2790/3805/3806/3808 schemas (5 August 200 4)

WIMS> Posted PrtViews and RFC 2790/3805/3806/3808 schemas (5 August 200 4)

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at sharplabs.com
Thu Aug 5 12:20:08 EDT 2004

Hi folks,                                       Thursday (5 August 2004)

[for support of current WIMS prototyping effort at IBM - see following
note for detailed example of usage]

I have just posted PrtViews XML Schema v0.20:


This schema validates without warnings using XML SPY 2004, XRay 2.0, and
XSV 2.5 (the free XML Schema Validator).

Below are: (a) description; (b) change log.

I have also just posted the following machine-translated schemas:

    - Host Resources MIB v2

    - IANA Printer MIB (type 2 textual conventions)

    - Printer MIB v2 (and type 1 textual conventions)

    - IANA Finisher MIB (type 2 textual conventions)

    - Finisher MIB v1 (and type 1 textual conventions)

    - IANA Charset MIB

(I hand-edited the correct includes into Printer MIB and Finisher MIB
schemas (RFC3805b/RFC3806b), so that they compile cleanly).

- Ira

Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
Blue Roof Music / High North Inc
PO Box 221  Grand Marais, MI  49839
phone: +1-906-494-2434
email: imcdonald at sharplabs.com

[description of PrtViews Schema]

The PrtViews Schema defines a set of views of Host Resources MIB v2 and
Printer MIB v2 elements, selected for Alert, Configuration, or Status
application content.

Each Printer MIB v2 table has selected elements in an 'entry view'.
Each of these 'entry views' is then included in a 'summary view' (a
short version of the full table from the Printer MIB).  And each of the
'summary views' is then included in a top-level Alert, Config, or Status
'summary view'.


[changes from PrtViews v0.10 to v.20]

(1) Minor editorial changes.

(2) Changed include for Printer MIB v2 to RFC 3805,
    per request of Harry Lewis (IBM).

(3) Added PrtViewHrDeviceIndex, PrtViewHrDeviceType (unused),
    PrtViewHrDeviceDescr, PrtViewHrDeviceID, PrtViewHrDeviceStatus,
    PrtViewHrDeviceErrors, PrtViewHrPrinterStatus, and
    PrtViewHrPrinterDetectedErrorState elements,
    per request of Harry Lewis (IBM).

(4) Added PrtViewDeviceConfig and PrtViewDeviceStatus groups
    (selected elements from IETF Host Resources MIB v2, RFC 2790),
    per request of Harry Lewis (IBM).

(5) Added PrtGeneralSerialNumber, PrtGeneralCurrentOperator,
    and PrtGeneralServicePerson to PrtViewGeneralConfig group
    per request of Harry Lewis (IBM).

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