WIMS> Counter MIB Last Call Comments

WIMS> Counter MIB Last Call Comments

WIMS> Counter MIB Last Call Comments

thrasher at lexmark.com thrasher at lexmark.com
Mon Apr 18 15:56:50 EDT 2005

1. Counter MIB. 
Counter Spec. Page 11 Line 388,389. states that usage counters for devices 
and subunits are NOT being addressed.  This being the case the MIB should 
not include subunit counter definition language for subunits at this time 
until the counters can be reviewed as to there applicability to the 
specific subunits that have been defined and new counters defined, if 
needed, to address specific subunits. 
(e.g. how can Monitoring.CompletedFinisherJobs apply to anything but a 
finisher subunit, how does the concept of a Job apply to the channel 
subunit, the inputTray subunit or any subunits other than possibly the 
interpreter and transformer subunits.)

2.Counter Spec. 
The definitions for each counter should include definitions that are one, 
consistent with any repeated language in the Counter MIB descriptions, and 
two completely specify the attributes of the counter. The Counter Spec. 
should explicitely define and state the "units" of each count as well as 
the initial, reset value and it's "rollover" value (i.e. how many bits, 
signed or unsigned). 
Example case of a WIMS proxy that's proxying two agents, one implementing 
the Counter MIB (with mostly 32 bit counters) and one with another 
management protocol binding that uses either 16 bit or 64 bit 
counters....does the WIMS proxy manage the rollover cases when relaying 
information to the WIMS manager....???

3. Counter Spec. Page 12 Line 405, grammer error in sentence. Line 
417,sentence should read that counters aggregate the totals of like 
counters with like units....

4. Counter Spec. Page 17, grammer error in first sentence of 
Datastream.BlankImpressions, FCImpressions and HCImpressions 
definitions.....(use not uses).

5. Counter Spec. or MIB. Page 22 Monitoring table: 
Monitoring.Alerts.....The MIB named it  Monitoring.TotalAlerts.....seems 
more accurate.

6. Counter Spec. Page 14, Line 436, word miss-spelled in sentence (should 
be "sum" not "sub").

7. Counter Spec. Page 16, Definition of Job.InputKOctets and OutputKOctets 
does not match that of the Counter MIB.  The Counter MIB's 
TrafficJobInputKOctets restricts the definition to data  recieved over ALL 
channels. (which is defined as a subunit)....not sure either is correct.

8. Counter Spec./MIB...The counter MIB defines TrafficJobInputMessages and 
TrafficJobOutputMessages..the Counter Spec. does not, but does define 
Monitoring.InputMessages and Monitoring.Outputs.

9. Counter Spec. lists JobInputMessages and JobOutputMessages in 5.3, 5.4, 
5.5, 5.6, 5,7 and 5.8. (should be MonitoringInputMessages).

10. Counter MIB. The counter MIB needs to explicitly map its naming (or 
name modification/shortening) of counters to the explicit names in the 
definitions in Section 4 of the Counter Spec.

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