WIMS> CIM - DMTF Conference -- initial report

WIMS> CIM - DMTF Conference -- initial report

WIMS> CIM - DMTF Conference -- initial report

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at sharplabs.com
Wed Dec 7 17:26:22 EST 2005

Hi Bill,
Looks fine to me.
- Ira

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Subject: WIMS> CIM - DMTF Conference -- initial report

 The following is derived from minutes and I beleive is our conclusion on
the aoproach toaddress the existing DMTF/PWG work register. I ask that the
members of the working group comment on whether this is indeed their
understanding of the conclusions reached. Then, separately, we may consider
if there is a need to reconsider this approach.
Bill Wagner, Chairman, WIMS WG/PWG

Approach to Address DMTF/PWG CIM-PWG Alignment Work Register 


1.     Identify and Categorize Proposed Updates and Corrections to Current
CIM Printing Classes - Basically done for PRINTER in Ira's and Rick's

2.     Gain understanding of CIM Change Request (CR) form and process -
done, to the extent feasible

3.     Review  and if necessary supplement proposed changes in current
documents to identify all applicable changes and to properly categorize
according to:

a.     Purely editorial changes to improve descriptions and to key elements
to proper source documents

b.     Minimal technical changes including minor updates to mapping, and
perhaps addition of enums that are missing. No deprecation or addition of

c.     Complete technical changes including, perhaps extensive deprecation
and addition of elements

4.     Changes considered benign and non controversial (primarily from
categories a & b) will be formed into a Change Request (CR) and submitted.
The PWG WIM/CIM WG will deliver a single CR consisting of CIM editorials
changes and minimal (low impact) technical changes to CIM classes and
dependant properties. Because of the inter-relationship of printing classes,
all nine printing related classes would be addressed.

5.     Changes will be compiled into a PWG informational specification
including details of correct usage of elements in CIM.


The need for and desirability of category 'c' changes and the addition of
classes, such as for multifunction services, would be considered as a
potential continuing activity after the successful completion of the CR


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From: Harry Lewis <harryl at us.ibm.com> 

Bill, is there an excerpt from threads or minutes that concisely describes
"the approach we have outlined"? 
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems 

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12/06/2005 10:34 PM 

Harry Lewis/Boulder/IBM at IBMUS, "Whittle, Craig" <cwhittle at sharplabs.com> 

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Re: DMTF Conference -- initial report	


I second the thanks Craig. It certainly all sounds very positive.  I suggest
that we continue with the approach we have outlined. Hopefully, the
constructive support from DMTF will encourage more participation from PWG
Bill Wagner 
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Great job Craig! 
I've been trying to convey that they would likely want us to "take the ball
and run" (in ANY direction!). You've confirmed this. 
We should look into the JDF link. I'll start by asking Claudia. 
Does anyone feel our plans are not well articulated by the "work product
options list" we've been floating and a subset of Rick's pres! entation? If
anyone wants to contribute a concise summary it will be welcome. Otherwise,
I'll be drafting one on the plane Thursday morning. 
Harry Lewis 
Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
IBM Printing Systems 
! http://www.ibm.com/printers

"Whittle, Craig" <cwhittle at sharplabs.com> 

12/06/2005 09:14 PM 

wamwagner at comcast.net, "McDonald, Ira" <imcdonald at sharplabs.com>, Harry
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DMTF Conference -- initial report	


I was able to meet briefly with Winston Bumpus, John Crandall, and Steve
Jerman today to pass on our concerns with PWG/DMTF CIM realignment activity.
Here are some of the highlights: 
*         Winston was very aware of our need to get help from DMTF
community.  In his introduction to DMTF class he mentioned the importance of
alliances and mentioned the recent relationship established with the PWG. 
*         John indicated tha! t the DMTF would sponsor a couple of
teleconferences to address our concerns.  When I suggested that the PWG c!
ould sponsor the teleconference, he indicated that there would be others in
the DMTF who would want to have input into our directions so a DMTF
sponsored call would work better for them. 
*         Steve Jerman does not remember much about the CR he submitted
years ago.  He was just the editor.  He said that the changes may have come
from JDF in support of job related elements.  He was unaware of any
*         I also learned that deprecating objects is no big deal.  John
Crandall said they could always be "undepreciated" in the review cycle. &!
nbsp; *         :-)*** *** ********** ** ******** **** ********* *** *******
************ ******** 
I get the feeling they are expecting us to take "take the ball and run with
it".  I didn't share our plans beyond the editorial and "non-controversial"
work products (I'll wait for Harry to share these plans).  Let me know if
you have any specific questions (and to whom) you would like for me to ask. 
Best regards, 

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