WIMS> Jan 26 WIMS Phone Conference

WIMS> Jan 26 WIMS Phone Conference

WIMS> Jan 26 WIMS Phone Conference

Wagner,William WWagner at NetSilicon.com
Tue Jan 25 11:55:07 EST 2005

There will be a WIMS conference call at 12 noon EST , Wednesday 26 Jan.


Call -in number is 877-874-5524


Passcode is  497478#



The proposed agenda is: 

1. Review of Jan  F2F minutes 



Action Items:


1.                     Harry to bring up MIB interop at the Camas
Plenary and address this in the Steering Committee

2.                     Ira will go through latest IETF MIB guidelines
internet draft and check Counter MIB for conformance.

3.                     ? to add the proper front matter to the Counter
MIB and explain relation to other MIBS, Security and
Internationalization in preparation for Counter MIB to become a PWG
standard.. See the Port Mon MIB as an example. There should also be a
machine readable version of the MIB. Submit for Last Call no later than
Mar 1.

4.                     Harry to continue Counter Spec. development.
Remove MFD references throughout the document. (next topic)

5.                     Harry to talk with W. Bumpus. Find out if WSDM
would rather work through CIM or directly use the PWG semantic model?
(following Topic)


2. Counter Spec issues (as noted in minutes and any new issues)



3. WSDM/CIM Interaction - Reference Harry's email of  21 January.



3. WIMS Spec Review.


 Note: review for content. Some strange things have been happening with
the format and Logo. I will try again to fix.



Bill Wagner 


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